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ECO Club

Jameah Girls Academy are proud to announce that we are part of Eco Schools Leicester. 


What is Eco Schools? 
Eco-Schools is a seven step framework that thousands of schools, nurseries and colleges around the world use to introduce, manage and complete environmental actions in their organisation and local community. Uniquely, the Seven Steps aim to place young people at the heart of these environmental actions. This approach engages, motivates and empowers young people to care for our planet now and throughout their lifetimes. 

The Seven Steps
The Seven Eco-Schools steps are designed to make environmental actions pupil-led. Working through each of the seven steps and achieving Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation can be done in a single academic year. Several of the steps, for example Step 5: Informing and Involving, naturally overlap and this is encouraged – our process is designed to be holistic.
Below, is a brief summary of each step.

1. Eco-Committee, a group of students and adults responsible for all things Eco-Schools.

The JGA eco- committee is outlined below:

2. Environmental Review: review learning environments and provide inspiration to Eco-Committees.

3. Action Plan, a plan for environmental actions in our school:

Action Plan.png

4. Curriculum Links, including environmental issues in our school.

5. Informing and Involving, including all pupils, staff members and our local community in Eco-Schools work.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation, measuring the impact of the projects in your Action Plan.

7. Eco-Code, a rallying call that everyone can get behind!

ECO Schools Litter Less Campaign

Jameah Academy took part in the Wrigley Litter Less Campaign this year. This saw the school embark on 6 litter picks. The primary years were the leading group for this project. Over the course of six litter picks the Year 3, 4 and 5 managed to collect a total of 28.469kg of litter within 100m of the school gates. This is a mass amount of litter that the school is seeing in a small area. The students in this group took it upon themselves to write persuasive letters to our local councillors requesting for bins to be placed in the area. They have also planned to set up a regular litter picking group which will go out in the community to pick up litter. This campaign helped the primary students to follow the seven steps of Eco-schools. For this project, the Year 3 - 5 groups were selected by the Eco-committee to conduct this project. The Year 3 and 4 students went outside the school gates and conducted a local habitat survey of environmental dangers. They noticed excessive littering around school. The Year 5s completed an environmental review of the amount and types of litter they could see. They then came back and formulated an action plan on how they were going to combat this problem. 

litter Picking pics.png

Persuasive Letter to Councillors 

Striving to Sustainability  

Striving for Sustainability (S.P.A.C.E) is a inspirational initiative founded by a group of our Year 7 students, who are passionate about  

our planet and keeping it clean and waste free. They are striving to sustainability by hand crafting creative pen pots and other eco friendly good on their website Home | S.P.A.C.E (

The Great Big Green Week Secondary Schools Climate Conference

JGA ambassadors took part in a unique secondary school climate conference alongside 8 other schools across Leicester.

The aim of the conference was to give a platform to the youth of our community to discuss and reflect on issues surrounding climate change.
One of our eco ambassadors from year 10 delivered a speech to all the other schools as a keynote speaker at the conference, this was a brilliant opportunity for our students to share their thoughts and ideas on this important topic with a public platform.


Our Eco Notice board


Our Green Flag

Green flag..png
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