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Secondary Curriculum

At Jameah Girls Academy, we offer a comprehensive program of study that is conducive to our ethos of spiritual and academic excellence. Our integrated Islamic and academic curriculum provides pupils with a holistic learning experience.

Pupils start each day with Qur’an lessons, which help instill a sense of peace and harmony, and give pupils a positive start to their day.

Specialism Pathways

As part of our integrated Islamic and academic curriculum, all our pupils choose one of the following pathways:

Course 1: Tahfizul Quran

Course 2: Alimiyyah Studies

(Year 1-8 - I’dadiya programme

(Year 9-11 - Foundation programme)

                  Please see this booklet for more information about the Key Stage 3 Curriculum

At KS3, all pupils study a wide range of subjects:









Islamic Studies




iGCSE in Islamic Studies

Key Stage 4 Subject Offer:

By the end of Year 11, pupils achieve up to 10 GCSEs.

All pupils study English Language, English Literature, Maths, Combined Science, History and Arabic.

Further option subjects: Pupils choose to study ONE subject between Business Studies or Computer Science, and ONE subject between Citizenship or Art. (The option choices are specific to certain criteria)

The range of the GCSE subjects offered enables pupils to achieve the English Baccalaureate.

At Key Stage 4, pupils continue with non-GCSE lessons in P.E.

Additionally, in Year 9, pupils begin to study for an iGCSE in Islamic Studies. The exam takes place at the end of Year 10.

Long term plans




Year 7 curriculum overview
Year 8 curriculum overview
Year 9 curriculum overview
Year 10 curriculum overview
Year 11 curriculum overview
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