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Project Based Learning
1. Year 7 Environmental Issues Blog Posts

During their computing lessons, our year 7 pupils wrote and edited blog posts regarding topics they felt passionate about. You will find a couple of the blog posts written via the links below:

Aleema M

Mental Health Awareness

Zainab P

Animal Cruelty

Radiyah M

Sea life Cruelty

Aysha K


2. Primary Enrichment Fridays
Year 3 and 4: Colour Wheel
Year 5: Houses
Year 3 and 4: Marshmallow & Sticks Challenge
Year 6:  Make and test a Boat
3. Political Party Launch 

During Citizenship lesson, our year 9s launched their political parties. They launched their manifesto speeches and took part in our own general election. The Diligent Civilians Union won the most votes and were vote into the JGA Government.
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