Mission Statement 2020


(where we are headed)

  • To enable young women to become lifelong learners and thinkers who are spiritually, morally, socially and culturally equipped to succeed both within and beyond school.

  • To encourage young women to pursue the highest skills in their chosen field and give them agency to be the best  at what they choose to be. 

  • To empower young women whose success is always guided by a strong foundation in their knowledge and practice of our beautiful religion. ​



(how we aim to achieve our vision)

  • To instil the love of Allah (SWT) and inculcate the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in all ourpupils, through our Islamic ethos and tarbiyah of pupils. 

  • To offer Hifzul Qur’an and ‘Alimiyyah studies alongside the National Curriculum, to an excellent standard.

  • To cultivate learners who know how to work with confidence, independence and high aspirations; learners who are resilient, discerning, have a keen sense of social justice and know the positive change they can effect on the wider world around them.

  • To provide a learning environment for our pupils which is nurturing, respectful and safe.



(what we stand for)


At Jameah Academy we STRIVE to uphold the following principles:




Having certitude in faith, nobility of character, generosity of spirit, sincerity, integrity, authenticity and good intentions. Suffusing one’s life with the remembrance of the Divine




Having tolerance, respect, care and empathy for oneself and others; kind treatment, honour and service for all; cooperation and collaboration with others; upholding principles of individual liberty and equality for all




Upholding democratic principles, the rule of law, justice and fairness for all; showing determination, accountability, consistency, reliability and patience; reliance on the Divine




Showing independence, leadership, confidence and having high aspirations and a growth mindset; excellence in communication with others and the ability to make good choices




Having high morals and establishing regular prayer; taking responsibility for care of one’s immediate and global environment; striving to control anger and annoyance; honesty in all affairs, showing friendship, support, encouragement and loyalty to others




Lifelong enthusiasm for seeking knowledge; maintaining creativity, imagination and curiosity; having an appreciation of culture, risk management and adventure.