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ISA STEAM Competition 2021

This competition encouraged candidate to investigate and solve problems from today’s world. Encouraging teamwork, thoughtful dialogue and problem solving.

The final entries we submitted were:

KS3 - Plan, create, and run a new club to enhance the sustainability of your school and town.

1. Eco club

2. Recycling Club

3. The Environmental Carers Organization




KS4 - Design and create a new case to protect a piece of technology (phone, tablet, or watch)

1. Wonderous 

2. The Conferencing Case 

Striving for Sustainability 

by Fathima, Khadeejah and Aysha (Year 7)

Recycling Club by Raadiyah and Samia (Year 8)

E.C.O by 

by Sauda, Yasmin, Ruqayyah, Salma, Madihah and Aminah (Year 9)

Endangered Animals by  Maryam, Faatimah, Hajra. Tayyibah and Fatimah (Year 10)

by Amrah, Aminah and Maryam

(Year 10)

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