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Step into the NHS Competition 

As the competition brief, pupils had to choose an NHS career that interests them and create a job description and an ad to tell their friends and other young people about it. This was a achieved in these 3 steps:

1. The research phase

 2. The job description

3. Send over the entry form 

 4. The job advertisement- Create a fun and lively job advertisement so it appeals to other people their age.

You can find more information on this brilliant competition here.

Some of our Competition Entries:

1. Paediatrician by Mariya, Ayat, Fatima and Umaimah  (Year 7)


2. Doctor by Sabah (Year 9)

3. Paramedics by by Khadeejah S, Aishah K, Aysha k and Zainab (Year 7)

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